Hello and thank you for your interest in becoming a member of VFA-81!

Who we are:
A couple of like minded Simulator Pilots who fly the F/A-18C by Eagle Dynamics.
We are European based but cater also for the early birds in the US.

What we do:
Using a procedural approach, we fly custom made missions tailored to the development state of the Hornet, reflecting real life Mission Profiles as much as possible.

We rate all portions of a flight equally high and survival is of utmost importance.
Flight Times average 2+ hrs and most flights involve at least one Air to Air Refueling.

What you would need to do:
Before submitting an application, please make sure you meet the minimum Requirements.
These are:
  1. A copy of DCS World
  2. A copy of the DCS F/A18C Module
  3. A copy of the DCS Combined Arms Module*
  4. A copy of the DCS Nevada Map
  5. A copy of the DCS Normandy Map*
  6. A copy of the DCS Middle East Map
  7. A copy of Tacview**
  8. A copy of Teamspeak 3**
  9. A copy of DCS Simple Radio**
  10. A copy of the 476 Range Target Mod**
  11. A Headset with Microphone

*= can be purchased later
**= Free Mods

Make an introductionary post here and state your intention to join us. We┬┤ll get back to you quickly and arrange a chat on Teamspeak as well as an informal flight together to get to know you a little.

Soon after you might be flying as a "Sunliner".